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No job is too big or too small! Christi’s Cleaning knows that small jobs are how many people first encounter our services. We know that every job is a chance to show you who we are! We will be aiming to impress on every job. So when your business expands, you will already have us in mind! Christi’s Cleaning services include janitorial cleaning of all types of commercial buildings, community centers, post-construction–even gyms! We offer services daily, weekly, bi-weekly, and monthly.

Jill Fetsch

director of commercial operations

"Christi’s Cleaning Service Cleans Our Retail Store And Manufacturing Warehouse Space And Does A Phenomenal Job! I Love The Open Communication With Christi About The Cleanings. She Is Always Looking To Improve And To Make Sure We Are Happy. I Would Highly Recommend This Business!"

Caroline Blackmon

"Christi Goes Above And Beyond To Ensure You Are Happy With Their Services. Her Team Is Always Receptive To Any Feedback We Give. Would Highly Recommend To Anyone!"

Brandon Ehman

"I am a general contractor that flew in to get inspections on a job on a friday. the site was no where near ready and christi met me on sunday afternoon and her team took care of 100 plus rooms in one day. made it just in time for my inspections and the place transformed in a matter of hours. her and her team were amazing, jumped to action and helped any way they could. can't wait to work with her again!"

Emily W

"Christi's Team Is Efficient And Incredibly Thorough! As A Property Manager, I Have Used Several Other Cleaning Companies But Christi's Cleaning Is Head And Shoulders Above Her Competition. They Make Sure To Get Every Nook And Cranny. I've Never Used A Cleaning Company This Detail Oriented. Not To Mention, The Communication Is Outstanding!"

Becky Smith

"Christi‘s team was absolutely amazing! professional, efficient and thorough. a great experience and i would not hesitate to use them again."


"Christi’s is the 1st cleaning service that actually followed through and provided the services promised."

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