WHY CHOOSE Christi’s Cleaning service

No job is too big or too small! Christi’s Cleaning knows that small jobs are how many people first encounter our services. We know that every job is a chance to show you who we are! We will be aiming to impress on every job. So when your business expands, you will already have us in mind! Christi’s Cleaning services include janitorial cleaning of all types of commercial buildings, community centers, post-construction–even gyms! We offer services daily, weekly, bi-weekly, and monthly.


Keep your business spotless with Christi’s Cleaning Service! Christi’s Cleaning takes pride in delivering consistent and trustworthy services that leave your business with that “wow-level clean”.


We all know that there are spaces you walk into that just have that “hospital smell” and never feel entirely clean. Christi’s Cleaning uses the best quality cleaners, which have better scents and associations for most people. You can walk into our spaces and breathe in the feeling that a space has been cleaned with true care for the details.


Christi’s Cleaning has industrial cleaning equipment including a commercial grade steamer, scrubber, and waxer. We also possess tools for high ceiling dusting and care. If you have a specialized cleaning need, please ask! We look forward to hearing from you!


Has your office struggled to keep up with the pollen season? We all know that sneezing in the office is a lot more stressful these days! Help your workforce stay focused by bringing in the team that will be meticulous in keeping the allergens at bay. We take care to mention if we see a vent with an old filter, to keep your space humming along.


We do not require contracts, so you are not locked in if your business needs to make a change to your service level. We want to be easy to work with and the first company people think about when they know it’s time for showing off their commercial spaces.


Christi’s Cleaning Service will communicate such concerns as soon as she sees those issues.Also, because Christi’s husband, LT, works in commercial remodeling she can easily connect you with local quotes for basic updates. We will help you to get the best value out of your space!

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